DIW Digital Torque Wrench with USB Output
DIW Digital Torque Wrench with USB Output
Price: $ 1,140.00 up to $ 1,450.00
Digital Torque Wrench with USB Output
1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" Drive
Capacity: up to 87 ft-lbs
Wrench head swivels 300
The DIW Torque Wrench is a lightweight digital torque wrench that tightens or loosens bolts up to 1040 lbf-in. The wrench head swivels 300 and can be used in tight places. You will get consistent readings no matter where or how the wrench is gripped because the torque sensor is centered on the drive and not up in the handle. Torque controlled wrenches can also be evaluated by comparative tests on a given fastener. Both breakaway and loosen tests can be performed. This Digital Torque Wrench is rugged enough to be used in production.

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