Mountz TBX Break Over Wrenches
Mountz TBX Break Over Wrenches

Torque limiting wrench improves control of the tightening process
Reduces the risk of both over and under-tightening
Break-over mechanism provides a visual indicator of achieving torque setting
Engineered and assembled in Silicon Valley, the Mountz TBX line of precision preset break-over wrenches ensures consistent process and quality control by providing operators with a break-over wrench that helps you support your quality control inspectors by empowering your workers to prevent assembly errors. Torque range suitable for low to higher torque applications. Designed to tighten diverse fasteners accurately, break-over wrenches inform their operator when the right torque is reached by deflecting on their built-in hinge. As a result, you can reduce defective products and rework related to over- and under-torque conditions.

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